MyTax – making it easy for sole traders

If you are a sole trader looking for a quick, easy, safe and secure way to lodge your tax online, myTax could be the answer.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has replaced e-tax with myTax, a web-based online tool - so there is no need for you to download any programs or software to your device. Being web-based, it’s always available which makes it easy to lodge from your computer, smartphone or tablet at a time convenient to you.

You will need a myGov account to login to myTax however, but setting up a myGov account is easy at the myGov website.

Visit the ATO’s website to find out more information about how you can lodge online as an individual or sole trader.

Avoid being the ‘man in the middle’

Western Australian businesses and organisations are being warned about ‘man in the middle’ scams.

According to the Department of Commerce, fraudsters posing as CEOs or third-party suppliers have cost Western Australian businesses and not-for-profits at least $500,000 in the last two years.

The scams are very sophisticated and start by a hacking a Chief Executive Officer or senior leader’s email account, with orders then given for a subordinate to transfer money to a nominated bank account. The fraudster will give a plausible reason and a believable account holder name but the account number directs the funds to that of the imposter or their associates. Read more... >





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