Networking for Success

The value and benefit of networking is limitless. Networking not only helps you raise your business profile by getting yourself known in the business world, but also provides you with the chance to share and interact with others and learn from their experiences.

Meeting like-minded business-oriented people can lead to new business relationships that are mutually beneficial for all involved.

Find us on Facebook to get the latest information and ideas, learn about a variety of events, and expand your network of friends. Connect with other business people who use our services, contribute feedback and show their support.

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If you're a business migrant...

Starting a business in a new country requires not only new business contacts but also an ability to adapt to a new and challenging business environment.

Join the Business Migrant Network to meet other migrants who own successful businesses and are looking to expand and share their experiences, just like you. Join or learn more...


Connect with a small business network in your area

Your local Small Business Centre may be able to help locate networking opportunities for your business.

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