Government Assistance for Small Business

There is extensive government assistance for small business in the form of free or low cost advisory, guidance and information services. Some state and federal government financial assistance programs are available, usually providing specific purpose funding for existing businesses.

Access to government funding will generally be subject to the applicant meeting specific eligibility criteria.

Note that assistance is rarely by way of cash grants or loans to enable new businesses to start, or to help existing businesses overcome a shortage of funds. Usually this kind of funding has to be obtained from conventional lending institutions (for example banks), through private means or by attracting investors.

Information on grants:

The following sites have up-to-date information on grants available:

1. Small Business Development Corporation

  • In the "Business Grant" section on the SBDC website, you can find information from various sources on many of the grants and financial assistance initiatives for small business in Western Australia. 
  • Searching the list of available grants and other initiatives on this site is simply a matter of clicking on the relevant subject heading. 
  • This leads you to a description of each initiative and a link to the website of the funding provider, where you can obtain detailed information on the assistance available, eligibility criteria, application process and contact details.

2. Business Entry Point

  • The Business Entry Point website provides free online services and information for Australian business, including information on grants and financial assistance available.

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3. GrantsLINK

  • The GrantsLINK website  assists in finding Commonwealth Government grants for community projects, and assists with completing application forms. Regional enquiries: 1800 026 222

4. Other ways to find out about government and non-government assistance

  • In researching the availability of government assistance, contact or visit the websites of the state and federal government departments that have an interest in your industry or activity.
  • Your industry association may be able to advise of any relevant assistance available. Often it is through their representations that the government provides an assistance program.
  • There are also various competitions that provide rewards, in cash grants or products, for innovation or excellence in business. The method of entry is usually the submission of a comprehensive business plan and the competitions are generally advertised widely in the media.

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5. How to apply for assistance

  • For any funding programs in which you are interested, ascertain the eligibility criteria that must be met, the application form that must be completed, and any other information that must be presented with your application.
  • Government agencies providing funding programs often call for expressions of interest in advertisements in newspapers and journals. Registering your interest in the program with the government agency is suggested. Consider seeking professional help in preparing an application, particularly if you have no previous experience in applying for funding.

Keeping in touch

  • To keep up to date with new initiatives and programs, you should read business magazines and newspapers, and monitor relevant websites.

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