Business Grants

Government assistance for small business can take many forms, most commonly free or low cost advisory services, information, and guidance.

Assistance is rarely by way of cash grants or loans to enable individuals to start or buy a business, or to help existing businesses overcome a shortage of funds.

Usually this kind of funding has to be obtained from banks and other conventional lending institutions, or through private means or investors. We can help you identify ways to finance your business and to better understand how to present a case for finance. Call 13 12 49 to consult one of our small business advisors.

There is a range of federal, state and local government financial assistance initiatives available for various small business related activities and access is usually subject to meeting specific eligibility criteria.

The Australian Government's Grants and Assistance Finder is a free online tool for locating the grants, assistance and funding programs most relevant to your business. You can search for grants in many categories, which are available from the Australian, state and territory governments and also from some local councils.

How to apply for assistance

Generally, the organisation providing the assistance calls for expressions of interest through advertising in newspapers, journals or their website. They usually have well defined eligibility criteria and often there is an application form that is available on request. It is often advisable to seek professional help in the preparation of the application, particularly if you have no previous experience in applying for financial assistance.

Advice and assistance

Your accountant or financial adviser is probably the best person to talk to. Alternatively, while not being able to provide grants, you can seek help from us, or a Business Local provider.

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