Obtaining Finance

Sources of finance

All businesses require some form of financing. The best way to access funds is to have some form of collateral. Equity in property is considered one of the best resources. However, if that's not possible there are several options you may consider to finance your business.

Personal savings

Equity funding is personal money invested into a business. Many people use their savings, an inheritance, or sell an asset to fund their business start-up. Read more...

Loans from family and friends

Raising finance from family and friends can be rewarding for both parties. You get the finance to start or expand your business, while your family and friends have the satisfaction of helping you while earning interest on their spare cash. Read more...

Creditor funding

Many businesses use their trade creditors to finance their business activities. Put simply, this means that you buy something, sell it at a profit, and then pay your suppliers with income from the sale. Read more...

Bank loans

Banks want to provide loans to businesses who are solvent and profitable. Generally they consider lending to one-person operations or new businesses without solid track records as high risk. Read more... 


Government assistance for small business can take many forms, most commonly by way of free or low cost advisory services, information, and guidance. Read more...

Venture capitalists

If you are beyond the start-up phase and have regular sales revenue, systems and procedures, an excellent team of employees, and a plan to eventually sell the business, you could be ready for finance from venture capitalists Read more...

Questions to answer before seeking finance

Whatever source of finance you eventually select, there are steps you should take, and questions you should ask yourself to ensure that your investors have made a sound decision in supporting you and your idea. Read more...

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