Personal Property Securities Register

The national Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) lets lenders and businesses register their security interests on personal property.

What is the PPSR?

The PSSR, which replaced more than 20 asset registers throughout Australia, is a national register where details of security interests in personal property can be registered and searched.

Personal property listed on the register includes assets that may be used to secure a loan, such as cars, boats, crops and intellectual property. It does not include real estate property, such as houses or land.

The PPSR is web-based and accessible to search and register security interests 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why should the PPSR be used?

Buyers of assets should make sure that the personal property they are buying does not have a security interest over it. For example, if you buy a car that still has money owing on it, the car could be repossessed by the person who lent the money against it.

Secured parties, buyers and other interested parties can search the PPSR to find out if any security interest is registered over the personal property.

Getting professional advice strongly recommended

Small businesses should be aware that the impacts of the PPSR (and the process of registering security interests on personal property) on their business operations is particularly complex and professional advice should be sought.

Where do I get more information?

Refer to the PPSR website for more information.