Step 5: Award the job

The selection process consists of a number of stages, including making the decision on who is the most suitable applicant, making an offer of employment, and sending letters to unsuccessful applicants.


You will need to make a decision on who is the most suitable applicant for the position, based on information obtained from the application, interview and speaking to referees.

Which applicant measures up best against the selection criteria and job description?

If you find that no one is suitable, sometimes it's better to readvertise the position, or hold a second round of interviews before making a final decision.

Offer of employment

Ring the successful applicant as soon as possible and let them know the news. You can send a written offer of employment at the same time, but don't wait and risk losing that applicant.

You may wish to invite the successful applicant to the office to discuss details of the position, to meet other team members, or to attend an upcoming social function. Follow up with a formal letter confirming the appointment, including remuneration and other terms of employment and details of probationary period, if there is one.

Contract of employment

It is recommended that you provide all employees with a written contract of employment. While not compulsory, it is an excellent way to outline the rights, obligations and conditions of employment. A well written contract should provide a clear understanding to both the employer and employee.

Any contract of employment must meet all of the conditions outlined in the Minimum Conditions of Employment Act 1993 . The Act specifies minimum entitlements in relation to wages, leave, public holidays and redundancy, workplace change and record keeping.

What to include in an employment contract

Your employment contract should at least meet all minimum conditions of employment, and contain key terms and conditions of the job. As a starter, you might like to include:

  • name of employer
  • name of employee
  • job title
  • employment status e.g. full time, part time or casual
  • term of employment e.g. fixed term, ongoing
  • pay rate
  • hours of work
  • leave entitlements
  • probationary period

The WA Department of Commerce has further detail on Writing an employment contract. Contact Wageline for further information on the minimum conditions of employment on 1300 655 266

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