Step 3: Managing applications

Now that you've used your networks and advertised the job, how are you going to handle the applications?

Think about the information that will help you decide if you want to interview a job applicant. Depending on the type of job, you can ask respondents to provide you with their resume or answer selection criteria to demonstrate their relevant qualifications, skills and experience. Don't ask job seekers to complete long and time-consuming applications, as you can miss good people if the application process takes up too much of their time.

Make sure that you get something in writing. It will make the task of short listing for interviews much easier.

Who are you going to interview?

Once you have enough applications you need to short list the applicants that you'd like to interview. You should systematically compare each candidate's application with your selection criteria. If you have lots of applications, using a spreadsheet or table will help you to keep track of which ones you liked.

Try not to select too many for interviews.

If none of the applications are suitable, think about using a different method to source new applicants. Interviewing and appointing unsuitable people can be an expensive exercise, so it can often be better to take your time and get the right person.

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