Buying a Business

Buying an established business can be a big commitment of time, money and energy. You need to consider all options before making the decision. The following steps will guide you through the common aspects that need to be considered before buying a business.

Step 1: Should I buy a business?

There are many advantages and disadvantages to buying an existing business and these must be considered before the final decision is made. Read more...

Step 2: Finding the right business to buy

There are many avenues you can explore to find the right business to buy. Once you've found a business you also need to consider how it will fit with your lifestyle and family. Read more...

Step 3: Analysing the business

Now that you've found a business to buy you need to conduct due diligence to confirm that the business meets all claims made by the seller. You need to, evaluate the risk, independently value the business, consider existing employees, stock, equipment, and taxation requirements. If the business is in a commercial building the terms and conditions of the lease are of vital importance. Read more...

Step 4: Making an offer

When you decide to purchase the business you need to present an offer to purchase to the seller which they may choose to accept or reject. If your offer is accepted you need to have the business transferred into your name. Read more...

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