Technical skills

Do I need qualifications to start a business?

Some businesses such as an accounting or dentistry practice require the owner or operator to possess a certain level of qualification. These types of industries are usually regulated by an official body such as the National Institute of Accountants or the Australian Dental Council.

Use the Business Licence Finder to see if you need to be accredited to practice in your new business.

Other types of industries such as hospitality or retail allow entry without qualifications or training, however, some form of training or industry experience is highly recommended. Many industry sectors are extremely competitive and by completing an appropriate level of study you'll be putting yourself on an even par with some of your competitors.

Do I need management skills to start my business?

Technically no, but the more managerial skills you have the better equipped you'll be.

There is a range of management skills which you'll need in order to efficiently and effectively operate your business. Some of these skills include, but are not limited to:

  • organisational and planning skills;
  • communication skills (including with family);
  • problem solving and decision making skills;
  • negotiating, selling and marketing skills; and
  • financial management skills.

Do I need industry experience to start my business?

Technically no, but again it is strongly recommended.

Experience in the industry you're planning to enter is invaluable. Ask yourself:

  • How well you know the industry you're getting into?
  • How much experience do you have in the industry?
  • Do you have industry networks? and
  • Are you good at what you do?

Being able to team technical skills with practical hands-on experience is a good start to a successful business.

Where can I get additional training?

There are many training courses offered by industry associations and Training WA

Remember the more preparation and training you do before you start the more likely you are to have a successful and competitive business.

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