Business Licences and Permits

Do I need a licence or permit to operate my business?

Most businesses need to comply with various government regulations to operate in Western Australia. For example, if your business is operated from a residential address you may need a Home Occupation Licence from your local Council.

The various licences, permits, approvals and registrations required are issued by local, state and federal government agencies, and other non-government organisations.

The question many small business starters then ask themselves is "how do I find out which licences my business needs without approaching each agency individually?"

Business Licence Finder

The Business Licence Finder is a free online tool you can use to identify which of the 6,000 listed licences your business will need.

The Business Licence Finder provides:

  • a one-stop-shop for business licence information;
  • a list of the licences that apply to your business;
  • details of licence fees and periods of cover;
  • contact details for the agency that administers each licence; and
  • application forms for many licences.

Produce a licence information pack with the Business Licence Finder online tool. Alternatively call 13 12 49 or visit the Small Business Development Corporation - information centre at one40william St Perth, Western Australia.

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