Being Green in Business

With more than 186,000 small businesses operating throughout Western Australia, we can make a big difference to the impact of business activity on the environment while also saving money.

Many of the steps taken towards a green bottom line involve small changes in operations that reduce costs and improve profitability. Preparing your business now will give you a competitive advantage and make a big difference to the environment.

Save money by reducing, reusing, and recycling

Energy efficient office equipment
The energy star system makes it easy to identify the computers, photocopiers and printers that use less energy and cost less to run. Find out more by learning about Australian ENERGY STAR energy efficient products.

Heating and cooling
Heating and cooling your premises can account for 60-70% of your energy consumption. Adjusting your thermostat down one degree in winter, and up one degree in summer, could save your business money and reduce carbon dioxide emission by about 900 kilograms in a year. Check the Synergy website for more proven strategies to save energy lower costs in your business.

Avoid lots of packaging
Offer your customers an alternative to plastic bags, and consider using unbleached paper in your office. Set your printer to print on both sides of the paper and reuse paper to print draft documents. Encourage recycling activities in your business by installing separate bins for paper, plastic, aluminium, and glass (depending on the way your local council recycles). Find out about your nearest recycling options at recycling near you.

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Become a TravelSmart workplace

TravelSmart Workplace is a Department of Transport program supporting workplaces to enable and encourage their employees and clients to use travel alternatives. By becoming TravelSmart your business can:

  • enhance access
  • minimise car parking and fleet costs
  • promote employee health and productivity
  • reduce its environmental footprint.

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Offset your carbon footprint

Participate in a carbon credit scheme to offset your greenhouse emissions. There are a number of accredited schemes operating in Western Australia with online tools to calculate the trees required to offset your carbon footprint. They are easy to join and a practical way to do your bit for the earth’s atmosphere. For further information visit the Carbon Offset Watch website.

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Power for the future

Today, small businesses can access energy generated from renewable resources such as the sun, wind, water, and waste. This energy is generated by accredited suppliers and sold into mainstream retail power grids for domestic and commercial customers. Throughout Australia more than 350,000 households and more than 20,000 businesses already purchase energy generated from renewable sources. To find out more about renewable energy, visit the Department of Finance

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Add value to your commitment

A growing number of people are looking for accredited suppliers who are making an effort to operate in environmentally friendly ways. There are a number of accreditation schemes that will identify your business to consumers who make buying decisions based on green credentials. It is worth seeking out a directory or scheme that suits your business and gets you in front of this consumer group. For example, check out the Australian Government's National Carbon Offset Standard

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Programs and resources

Green Stamp
Green Stamp is a program originally developed by the Motor Trade Association (MTA) of Western Australia in conjunction with the Department of Environment and Regulation. Due to its success and interest from other industry groups, the Green Stamp program has expanded and now also covers:

Greenfinder is the most comprehensive directory of Australian companies who specialise in providing environmentally friendly products and services.

Water Corporation
Water Corporation provides a lot of information and resources for business to help you manage, understand and reduce water use and save money in the process.

Synergy energy solutions
Synergy provides information and resources for business to carry out an energy audit, develop an energy management policy and reduce energy bills.

Carbon calculators
Carbon Neutral's online calculators can be used to estimate most annual direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

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Government grants, incentives and tax concessions

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