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Key statistics - Australian small business

Australian Small Business - Key Statistics and Analysis
The Australian Small Business - Key Statistics and Analysis publication provides an updated overview of Australia’s small business sector, with emphasis on business characteristics and performance. It also includes research conducted by the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research which provides a unique insight into the factors that initiate, hinder and facilitate the process of new business creation in Australia.


PDF and RTF versions of this publication can be downloaded from Australian Government’s Treasury website

Size of the small business sector in WA

.2 per cent of businesses are large, 3.1 per cent are medium, 9.9 are small (5-19 staff), 24.8 are micro (1-4 staff) and 62 per cent are non-employing

According to the latest ABS Counts of Australian Businesses, as at June 2014:

bar graph showing the number of businesses in each classification, at June 2014


WA businesses by employment size comparison bar graph for numbers at June 2012, 2013, 2014

Australian Bureau of Statistics publications

Statistical information on small businesses and the West Australian economy can be found in a range of Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data sources. These include:

  • 8165.0 - Counts of Australian Businesses, including Entries and Exits
    This product presents business counts, including rates of business entries to and exits from the Australian economy, and rates of business survival.

    These data sets are sourced from the ABS Business Register. Detailed counts are presented by industry, main state and territory, type of legal organisation, institutional sector, employment size ranges and annual turnover size ranges.
  • 6359 – Forms of Employment, Australia
    This publication presents information about the nature of employment arrangements in the Australian workforce. The different types of employment can be cross-classified by characteristics such as hours worked, industry, occupation and demographics.
  • 1306.5 - Western Australia at a Glance
    This publication contains a wide range of statistics on Western Australia, including data on population, employment and wages, price indexes, mineral production, manufacturing, building, foreign trade and tourism.
  • 8167.0 – Selected Characteristics of Australian Businesses
    This publication contains data for a selection of topics including nature of business ownership, collaborative arrangements, franchising agreements, performance measures, government financial assistance, finance sought, level of innovation, business use of information technology, skills, markets and competition.
  • 8158.0 – Innovation in Australian Businesses
    This release presents information about the incidence of innovation in Australian business and related practices or influences, as collected by the Business Characteristics Survey (BCS).
  • Census - 2011 - Community Profiles
    Community Profiles are excellent tools for researching, planning and analysing geographic areas for a number of social, economic and demographic variables.

Links to leading small business surveys, (for West Australian businesses) are also in this section but not on this page.

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