Business surveys

Surveys are a useful indication of Western Australia’s current and future economic position. The following surveys provide information on areas such as:

  • business expectations
  • confidence
  • profitability
  • sales
  • employment
  • labour costs.

The following surveys of business activity help to gauge the current state of play in the small business sector.

Sensis® Business Index

The Sensis® Business Index The Sensis® Business Index tracks the confidence and behaviours of small and medium businesses over the last three months. It also tracks expectations for both the current quarter and the coming 12 months. It is based on the responses of 1800 small to medium sized businesses around Australia, of which 225 are from Western Australia.

Sensis® e-Business Report

The Sensis® e-Business Report is based on information obtained from the Sensis® Business Index and focuses on the attitudes and experiences of small to medium sized businesses with e-commerce.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Surveys

The surveys of the business community conducted by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) cover business conditions, attitudes and concerns. These surveys are based on the aggregated responses of approximately 1700 small businesses surveyed by member associations of the ACCI.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Business Indicators

The Australian Bureau of Statistic (ABS) Business Indicators feature estimates of sales of goods and services, wages and salaries, company profits, and the book value of inventories for selected industries in Australia. The information has been compiled from data collected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in its Quarterly Business Indicators Survey, which collects data from private businesses.

NAB's Monthly Business Survey

NAB's Monthly Business Survey reports on the current performance of the non-farm business sector, based on a monthly survey of around 350 small to large-sized companies.

CPA Australia's Small Business Surveys

CPA Australia conducts a diverse range of surveys on topics of interest to small businesses in Australia. CPA Australia's Small Business Surveys focus on aspects of the financial management of small businesses.

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) is a not-for-profit academic research consortium that has as its goal making high quality international research data on entrepreneurial activity readily available to as wide an audience as possible. The GEM project aims to explore national differences in entrepreneurial activity, what the national consequences of entrepreneurial activity are, why some countries are more entrepreneurial than others and what can be done to enhance entrepreneurial activity.

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