Rahim makes a healthy choice in Western Australia


Rahim ParkarRahim Parkar


Since moving to Western Australia in 2007, Rahim Parkar’s life has changed significantly. He now walks a leisurely six minutes to work and is his own boss, running a Stay Healthy franchise in Midland Gate Shopping Centre, 16 kilometres from the Perth CBD.

This is very different from his life as a banker with the United Bank of India, Banque de Paris and Bank Muscat and more recently as Director of Investments and Treasury with Emirates Post, Dubai, a Government of United Arab Emirates entity.

“We considered other migration destinations such as Canada and New Zealand but we chose Australia because it is very beautiful and modern with a free, Democratic society and the people here are friendly and peace-loving,” Rahim said.

Rahim and his wife Jahan Aara visited Perth several times before making their final decision, but there were many compelling reasons for choosing Perth over other destinations. Rahim’s youngest son recently completed his University studies in Perth, and together the Parkars have many friends and relatives in Perth, some having lived here for over twenty years.

Rahim has been as prudent and careful in choosing his new business as he was his new home. In all, he considered 30 business proposals and personally undertook due diligence and investigation of them all. He finally chose a Stay Healthy franchise retailing leading Australian and international brands of vitamins, minerals and a wide variety of health and skin care products.

With an extensive background in accounting and finance, Rahim says there are other considerations to be made when buying a business in Western Australia. Apart from the bottom line (profit) it’s also important to look at the total training provided, a good store location and the potential growth of the business. Rahim has proved his theory by achieving significant growth in his first three years of operation.

Rahim advises other potential business migrants to take the time to properly investigate their business options.

“Get all the information and do feasibilities on multiple businesses – not just one or two – and make a careful selection to avoid loss.”

“Selecting the right industry is also important. In Asia and the Middle East population is high and labour is in abundance. In Western Australia this is different. When comparing businesses that are labour-intensive with those that are capital-intensive, capital is more favourable due to the high cost and scarcity of labour in Australia.”

“Do not spread your wings into too many businesses,” Rahim warns.

Having received Permanent Residency in December 2009, Rahim and his wife are now in the process of purchasing a new home close to where they are currently living.

“I am looking forward to buying a new home and finding opportunities to further grow my business socially and economically to benefit my family and the community,” Rahim said.

Rahim is also looking forward to becoming an Australian Citizen and taking some time (his first holiday in 3 years) to see more of his new home State.

“We have visited local tourist places such as Mundaring Weir, Mandurah and Serpentine Dam, but my main priority so far has been to establish my business and work towards achieving our Australian citizenship.

For others considering a move to Western Australia, Rahim says success depends on hard work and taking a careful, prudent approach to achieving goals.

“Be one hundred per cent determined and prepare to face some ups and downs. Take every step with honesty, integrity and a balanced approach.”

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