Daniel Nitsche from school teacher to business entrepreneur


Daniel Nitsche


When Daniel Nitsche took off for Melbourne in 2004 as a newly qualified school teacher, little did he know that he would return to Perth five years later newly married and with a unique small business of his own.

Understanding construction drawings and being able to visualise what a building will look like from a plan is not something everyone can do, but with the help of Daniel’s new business Shadow Gap, clients can see exactly what their new home, renovation or commercial building will look like – well before work commences.

Daniel established his architectural visualisation business as a home based business to keep overheads down and allow himself greater flexibility in service provision.

“This is a new industry, particularly in Western Australia, and I am combining technologies to provide a comprehensive service both direct to the client, and through architects as an add-on service,” Daniel said.

Although qualified in teaching, Daniel’s vast knowledge of computer graphics and animation has enabled him to effectively use a combination of software packages to provide photo-realistic 3D visualisations for the architectural industry

“Whether the images are needed for planning approvals, design development or marketing, Shadow Gap can create a highly detailed product to suit the specific criteria of the project,” Daniel said.

But although he is a master of his craft, Daniel had some challenges starting his new business from scratch, in a City where he had limited industry contacts.

While searching on-line for some marketing tips, Daniel found the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) and called to make an appointment.

“When you’re just getting started, it’s incredibly helpful to have someone with 30 years experience giving you tips on effective marketing for your business.

“I had a face to face appointment with an SBDC adviser, followed by a two hour marketing workshop, and it has made an enormous difference to the way I was promoting my service,” Daniel said.

Shadow Gap is a niche architectural visualisation studio, providing visual renders of architecture. Using the latest rendering technology combined with low overheads enables Shadow Gap to deliver the highest quality product at very competitive prices.

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