PDA Products - A Recipe for Successful Exporting

Peter Dresen and Paul PietschPeter Dresen and Paul Pietsch

Not only have Peter Dresen and Paul Pietsch from PDA Products discovered the perfect ingredients for their product Mortafil, they have also found the ideal recipe for a successful exporting business.

In the past three years, PDA Products has won several awards for Most Innovative Enterprise, Best Export, Best Marketing as well as an International Business Award.

Paul recommends “patience, commonsense and setting realistic goals” as the most important elements for developing new products and successfully marketing them to the world.

Mortafil was six years in development before it made it to the shelves of Bunnings Hardware Stores in Western Australia. It is now available from 520 outlets around Australia as well as Thailand, Germany and the USA through Distributors Mortafil International, Mortafil Europe and Mortafil USA.

Prior to becoming inventors, Peter and Paul worked in the painting industry, which gave them a solid understanding of the building industry and a valuable database of prospective clients for their new product.

Mortafil comes in spray-on and brush-on formula and can be used to seal, protect, sound-proof, insulate and stop rust. It is light, flexible, water resistance, non-slip, non-toxic and non-combustible – and it comes in just about any colour you could imagine. The product has attracted the interest of competitors with offers of buy-outs and take-overs, but Peter and Paul are not interested in partnerships of any kind at this stage.

Peter says one of the major challenges in developing the product was ensuring adequate protection for their intellectual property.

“Making sure your patents and trademarks are completely sound, and having trustworthy people looking after that side of the business is critical,” Peter said.

Peter and Paul became involved with the Small Business Exporters Network in 2005 and through the SBDC/Austrade ‘Tradestart’ program have received advice, referrals and introductions to assist in pursuing overseas representation.

Since entering the overseas market, Mortafil has come to the attention of some very serious customers.

“A major achievement for PDA Products is having Mortafil considered by the US Navy for use in bullet-proof vests. Its lightness, strength and flexibility makes a perfect combination,” Peter said.

Mortafil is also being tested by Germany’s public transport authority for waterproofing and ice-proofing the tops of train carriages.

“We are very pleased with the way Mortafil is being distributed around the world, and with each new country comes new applications for our product,” Paul said.

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