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Sherryn McBrideSherryn McBride

Sherryn McBride’s philosophy for successful marketing is all about connectivity – between brand, image, website, referrals and customer care, and that is what she offers clients through her home-based business Marketing Talk.

Established in 2001, Marketing Talk helps businesses make sense of their marketing and provides them with clever marketing ideas. Sherryn acknowledges that the majority of her client base is time poor but want to know the best strategy to market themselves, their products and services.

“It’s great working with owner/operators because they are the decision makers and will either accept or reject your idea quickly, without lengthy approvals processes.” Sherryn said.

What makes Marketing Talk unique is that it is a mobile service, more personal and flexible than engaging a large corporate marketing agency.

After 25 years experience in a variety of business roles, Sherryn is able to identify first hand what works and what doesn’t work, and is happy to pass this knowledge on to her clients.

Sherryn believes that maintaining a positive attitude and constantly up-skilling to keep up-to-date with marketing and business trends has contributed enormously to her success with Marketing Talk.

“Working from home has its challenges. You can feel isolated at times, so that is why it’s important to network often with others in business,” Sherryn said.

“I serve on the committee of the local Chamber of Commerce and have been part of the SBDC home-based businesses network for quite a while now”.

“I have been to all six of the SBDC’s workshops this year and I like to attend all the useful seminars I can”.

“Meeting new people in workshops and seminars allows me to share ideas with others and develop new ideas, whether in marketing or in business”.

So how does a marketing consultancy business market its own services? According to Sherryn, certainly not through advertising!

Almost all of Sherryn’s clients have come through word of mouth referrals and repeat business. She credits her strong retention rate to being pragmatic with her clients and being ethical in the way she conducts her business.

“What makes Marketing Talk unique is that I can build upon my client’s strengths, enabling me to offer a more personal and flexible marketing strategy,” Sherryn said.

“I have built up strong relationships with my clients, working one-to-one ensures I can anticipate what they want”.

Sherryn also recognises the importance to plan and she has business, marketing and succession plans in place for Marketing Talk.

Sherryn finds that working in a small business with mostly small businesses is incredibly rewarding and empowering.

“Even though I work on a consultancy basis, I still feel like I am part of the team with all the businesses that I work with,” Sherryn said.

“Seeing my clients’ success is incredibly rewarding, I feel as though their success is my own success”.

Sherryn has been invited to be a guest presenter at the Small Business Development Corporation’s networking event “Putting Your Business on Centre Stage” being held in Perth on October 2008.

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