Nick's not letting the grass grow under his feet

Nick Streeter

Nick Streeter’s choice of business was borne out of the difficulties he had caring for his own lawn at home.

“I used to be a fly-in-fly-out worker in the oil and gas industry and I spent a lot of my home-time mowing a lawn that never looked that good,” Nick said.

He realised he wasn’t alone in his frustration, particularly with Western Australia’s dry conditions and people spending longer hours at work.

In 2009, Nick established Grassworks in Wangara, providing five varieties of life-like synthetic grass that is absolutely guaranteed to be weed-free, prickle-free, non-allergenic and never needing to be mowed or whipper-snipped.

Nick says synthetic lawn that looks like the real thing and stays in perfect condition year in, year out is the ideal solution for busy people with better things to do with their time.

But as the business was taking off, Nick realised he needed to increase his knowledge in order to run his business better. He first enrolled in the BiZFit 2-day Extend program and has now been accepted for a State sponsored scholarship to the Curtin Centre for Entrepreneurship Growth program.

Why did you come along to a BiZFiT event? What attracted you?

I received an SBDC brochure in the mail and the BiZFiT program was just what I needed. I enrolled online for the BiZFiT Extend 2-day program which is a ‘taste’ of what the whole program offers. I’m doing the Growth program now which expands further on what was included in the BiZFiT Extend.

In your view, what is unique or special about the BiZFit Growth Program?

It’s tailored at the right market, covers the whole spectrum of business issues and is concise with compact little segments that are delivered at a fast pace. It’s also designed to suit all businesses, it’s not industry specific.

From your participation in the program, did you have any “ah-ha” moments?

Yes, particularly with regards to business finance – costings, profit percentages and implementing measurable KPI’s.

Has your involvement in BiZFiT inspired you to make any changes in your business?

This has been a great opportunity to step back and take a good look at the big picture. I used to be like the rat on the wheel, but now I’m working on my business as well as in it. I’m getting more of a structure which has helped me to attract the right staff and I’m monitoring my finances a bit closer. Now I can track where the money is going, rather than just leaving it until BAS time.

What do you see as the next big challenge for you in your business?

My next challenges will be promoting my product to more garden designers and landscapers here in Western Australia, and then expanding into the eastern states. Marketing and promotion can be expensive, but I’m open to finding effective, cost-efficient ways to expand my business.


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