Business Licence Finder

Go to the Business Licence Finder or use the information below to find out more.

The Business Licence Finder helps you find the licences and registrations your business needs to operate in Western Australia.

A database of more than 9,500 federal, state and local government licences is searched to create your report, which will be tailored to the information you provide. Any relevant codes of practice will also be included.

How to use your report

  1. Read all the information to determine if you are likely to need the licence or any of the other requirements identified in your report.
  2. If you are not sure that a licence applies to you, or you need to discuss anything in your report, contact the agency responsible. You will find contact details at the bottom of each licence information sheet.
  3. Finally, complete the application forms and send your applications to the addresses provided in your report.

What is a business licence?

The term "business licence" refers to any form of government regulation, registration, permit or approval which applies to a business. A licence gives you authorisation to carry on an activity or an occupation.

What is a code of practice?

A code of practice is a document that, in some circumstances, has the force of law. They are a set of guidelines (rules) and regulations to be followed by members of some trades/occupations and organisations.

Ways to access the Business Licence Finder

Follow the easy steps to find the licences and codes of practice your business requires.

Go to the Business Licence Finder

Call 13 12 49 to request a licence report, which will then be sent to you.

In person
To collect your pack between the hours of 8.30 am and 4.30 pm on weekdays, visit the Business Information and Licence Centre at one40william Perth, Western Australia 6000.

We strongly recommend that you contact staff at SBDC when you are ready to start your business. This will ensure that all licensing requirements have been identified.


Information and data provided to the public by the Small Business Development Corporation is supplied in good faith and entirely at the risk of the recipient. No warranty is given as to the correctness of this information and it is provided on condition that neither the Small Business Development Corporation nor any of its officers shall be liable to any person for any loss or injury sustained using it.

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