Dispute resolution

Business disputes

Disagreements between traders are common. Many are amicably resolved and do not become a major hazard to business survival.

Difficulties usually arise when there is a serious and complex dispute over money or contractual obligations.

This is when the parties to the dispute need to step back, take a deep breath and ask themselves the following questions:

Once these questions have been answered, it usually becomes apparent that a negotiated settlement will provide a better result than litigation through the courts. Certainly it may be necessary to swallow a bit of pride, but then the other person may have to do the same.

Mediated settlements

Provided there is a willingness to listen to the other point of view and to give a little ground, the chances of success are good and this is where a trained, independent mediator can help.

Here are some pointers about mediated settlements:

The difference between a court resolved dispute and a mediated settlement can be summarised as follows:

A court finds in favour of one party against the other, who can be described as the loser.

In a mediated settlement it is entirely possible for there to be two winners who, because of the skill of the mediator, may be able to continue in the business relationship often on even better terms than those which existed before the dispute arose.

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