Small business briefs

Small business briefs are summaries of essential information about these popular business topics:

Business names

A name can be a business name, trade mark or domain name. It is important to understand the differences and what each offers in terms of protection or exclusivity – and how to register them.

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Business security

A security plan is essential protection for a small business. Taking pre-emptive action in potential risk areas will minimise the exposure to fraud and assist with crime prevention.

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Buying a business

Buying an established business is a big commitment. The following points will help you to research and assess the business opportunity and help you to make an informed decision.

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Checklist for starting a business

Starting a business is the beginning of an exciting – and sometimes challenging – period in your life. Suddenly you find yourself immersed in a whole new world of licensing, insurance, leasing and marketing. This checklist will help you to plan and get on the right path.

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Credit card fees

With government regulators cracking down on businesses who don’t properly disclose credit card fees, it’s important that you check to see if you’re doing the right thing.

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Credit management

Credit management is the process for controlling and collecting payments from your customers. It’s important to how to minimise your exposure to bad debts.

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Daily deals

Are you thinking of entering a contract with a discount voucher or group buying website? If properly researched, there can be benefits for small businesses but owners also need to be aware of the potential pitfalls.

SBDC business brief: group buying websites – 10 tips for using discount voucher services.

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Debt recovery

There are a several methods, with escalating degrees of severity, that you can use to recover bad debts. If you end up trying to recover a debt through the Magistrates Court of Western Australia, this business brief explains what’s involved.

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Disputes arise from time to time over a range of issues and can involve customers, suppliers, partners, and employees. It is often possible to avoid litigation through the courts with a negotiated a settlement.

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Volume of work, customer demands and plans for future growth may require you to employ an additional worker or workers. However, there are issues that should be considered before making this type of commitment.

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Many Australian products and services can now compete successfully in the world marketplace but export success does not happen by accident.

SBDC business brief: exporting – the 10 commandments of exporting.

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Applications for finance should provide a potential lender with enough information to assess the applicant and the viability of the business venture. There are key areas to cover when preparing an application for finance.

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Importing is often thought to be easier than exporting and perhaps in some ways it is. But there can be many traps for the unwary and inexperienced and it is important that you understand the basic steps before you place an order.

SBDC business brief: importing – 10 basic steps of importing.

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Workers’ compensation for employees and third-party motor vehicle insurances are compulsory. Additional insurance cover may be required by some third parties. For example: finance companies, landlords and some professional bodies. Other business insurances are optional. Learn how to assess your needs and get the right cover.

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Leasing commercial property

The cost in time and money to get advice about negotiating an acceptable lease for your business is likely to be many times less than what a poorly negotiated lease could eventually cost you. A lease for your business premises is vital and is usually central to the goodwill, value and future sale of the business. It is a legally binding contract.

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Market research

Market research is the collection and analysis of relevant information to enable you to make informed business decisions.

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A business partnership can be a satisfying, profitable and enduring form of business relationship. But to avoid conflict and misunderstandings, partners should agree on the terms and conditions that will apply to the partnership, and put the agreement in writing.

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