Small business assistance in metropolitan and regional Western Australia

business local logo small Business Local provides free* advice and guidance on a wide range of issues to help you build and grow your business. This SBDC outreach service is delivered by providers experienced in business issues and being local, they understand how things work in your area. Business Local is a unique service, separate to the providers’ other offerings. It will be made clear when you are receiving the free of charge Business Local service. You may choose to use the providers’ other services but you will be under no pressure or obligation to do so.

Business Local is available in ways that suit your needs; in metro areas it may be convenient to visit your local provider, while in regional areas you may be better served through site visits, face-to-face meetings, teleconferencing, email or telephone.

*Business advisory appointments are free, however there may be a charge if you attend a workshop or receive services not covered by the Business Local service. You will be clearly advised before incurring any costs.

Your Business Local adviser can provide:

  • practical help
  • business information (including finance, marketing, business planning, and licensing)
  • referral to specialist advisers (for example, accountants or lawyers)
  • help through the maze of government departments and regulations

In the Perth metropolitan area:

♦  For help to start a business contact the SBDC.

♦  For help to grow your business contact your local Business Local provider.


In regional areas:

♦  For help to start or grow a business contact your local Business Local provider.