This site is produced by the Small Business Development Corporation, and is designed to be as accessible to as many users as possible.

The accessibility features available on this site include:

  • relative text sizing, able to be resized in most browsers
  • text equivalents of important non-text items, including alt text describing the content of inline images
  • content organised so it has logical flow without stylesheets
  • header elements to convey document structure
  • use of row and column headers in tables
  • a logical tab order to navigate using assistive technologies
  • printer friendly pages.

Every effort has been made to ensure the site meets Level A of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

The Small Business Development Corporation takes no responsibility for the accessibility levels of external websites linked to from this website.

Resizing text

You can make the text larger or smaller on this site by:

  • using the 'text size' buttons that appear in the upper right area of each page
  • holding the Ctrl button and the +/- button at the same time or 
  • changing the settings on your computer.

Note | For Macs use the 'Command' key (Apple key) in place of the Ctrl key.

To check which internet browser is installed on your machine:

  1. open your browser
  2. select Help from the top menu of your browser
  3. select About (followed by your browser name) from the drop down list.
  • Internet Explorer 9 - Select 'Page" from the main menu, select 'Zoom' and either zoom in or zoom out.
  • Mozilla FireFox - Select 'View' from the main menu, click on zoom and choose either zoom in or zoom out.
  • Chrome - Select the 'Tool icon' (top right corner),  then 'zoom' and either (+) or (-) to zoom in and zoom out.
  • Opera 9 - Select View from the main menu, then 'Zoom', and choose the precentage by which you wish to zoom (50% being the smallest, 200% being the largest).
  • Safari - Select View from the main menu, then choose either 'Make Text Bigger' or 'Make Text Smaller'.
  • Netscape Version 6 or 9 -  Select View from the main menu, then 'Text Size', and choose to either Increase Ctrl++ or Decrease Ctrl-- 

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Printing pages on this site

Every page is "printer friendly" on this website. Simply use the Print function of your browser or the print button (at the top right of the content) to print whichever page you like.

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The site has the following navigational features to aid you in your visiting experience:

  • Main Menu
  • Secondary Menu
  • Search Functions - Search the website to find what you want directly with keywords.
  • Breadcrumbs - Shows the location of the page that you are viewing within the site page hierarchy.

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Accessing and downloading files on this website

Throughout this website there may be some documents and files that may require you to install additional software on your computer. In most cases you are not required to install anything as most computers' browsers are now configured to automatically open or download the documents and files on this website, when you click on a link to content that is not HTML.

The following is a list of software that you may need to read the documents and files on this website:

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Further Information

Please contact us with any questions relating to the accessibility of this website, or to get alternative formats of information.

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