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The Aboriginal Business Directory WA is a free service that provides a list of Aboriginal businesses operating in Western Australia.

List your details on the directory and take advantage of the free promotion and increased exposure. You can also get updates on the Aboriginal Business Directory Facebook page.

WA Government Aboriginal Business Initiative

Where the value of a government purchase is not more than $250,000, public authorities in Western Australia can buy directly from a registered Aboriginal Business (use the Aboriginal Business Directory WA).

For government buying worth more than $250,000 “an accountable authority may approve a public authority undertaking a procurement in excess of $250,000 from a registered Aboriginal Business, if it considers that circumstances exist to support the procurement being undertaken”.

The Department of Finance website has detailed information about this initiative, as well as a mini guide to procurement that shows government buyers exactly how to purchase from an Aboriginal business.

Advisory service

We work with SBDC’s team of experienced advisors to guide you on:

  • buying and selling a business
  • cash flow management
  • commercial leasing
  • employing people
  • financial management
  • franchising
  • marketing.

Small business centres

The SBDC provides business information and advice in your area through a network of preferred service providers. We work with local small business advisers in city and country areas, who provide free assistance and support to new and existing businesses.

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Aboriginal tourism

We work in partnership with Tourism Western Australia and the Western Australian Indigenous Tourism Operators Council (WAITOC).

Tourism Australia’s trade website for Aboriginal tourism is also aimed at improving awareness and promoting the quality and diversity of the Indigenous Tourism Champions to wholesalers, inbound tour operators and travel agents.

The Marketing Tips and Tricks section in our Tourism BOOST online guide offers a variety of adaptable examples and templates for:

- traditional advertising
- brochures
- how to write a media release
- email marketing
- websites
- search engine optimisation
- social media
- the mobile revolution
- a marketing action plan.

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Law Way - Indigenous business and the law

 Law Way is a useful reference and “survival guide” book for any small business owner overwhelmed by all the different laws, regulations and requirements you need to comply with. Funded by Indigenous Business Australia and created by Terri Janke and Company it will help you understand the basic responsibilities, risks and obligations of operating a business in Australia.

Download Law Way: Indigenous Business and the Law free from the website of Terri Janke and Company.

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Dream Shield - protecting your competitive advantage

Download the Dream Shield Guide on the IP Australia website.

What is unique about your product, service, design or invention is important.

Intellectual Property (IP) Australia has produced a resource to help Aboriginal business people to understand, manage and protect the intellectual property (IP) rights they may have created when establishing and running their business.

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